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Value In Every Deal

At Precise Property Investments we're looking for long term partnerships. We want to make sure we list our deals at the best price possible so you can get the largest return on your investment. This means we end up passing over a lot of properties that don't make financial sense. We analyze the state of all our houses, estimate the total rehab costs, and determine the approximate retail value of the property based on comparable recently sold houses in the area. Our goal is not to make a quick sale but rather to build lasting relationships with our investors over the length of their careers.

Our Process for Buying and Selling Properties

Advanced Property Listing Engine
We're constantly adding new properties to our portfolio. Find the best entry level investment properties in New Jersey right here. For your best chance to be the first to learn about these opportunities sign up for our mailing list here.
Support for New Investors
First time real estate investor? At Precise Property Investments we'll walk you through every step of the process to ensure everything goes as planned. We'll also help you partner with lenders and contractors for your project.
Closing the Deal
We accept offers on a few come first serve basis. If you're interested in one of our properties contact us as soon as you can. Once an offer is accepted we'll verify financing and will require a 10% deposit. After financing clears the remaining balance must be paid and the transfer of ownership on the property's title will follow directly after.
We Buy Properties in Cash
Thinking about selling your property? We'll set you up with a quick evaluation and make you a guaranteed cash offer. Our no obligation policy allows you to change your mind at any point in time with no penalties.